STINAKO is the first solo project by the celebrated singer and songwriter Stina Koistinen. She is also known for her bands Color Dolor and Swan/Koistinen among others, not to forget her multiple collaborations with other artists and bands. STINAKO’s first album ‘Ikuisuus’ brings out a new, boldly private side of the artist.

‘Ikuisuus’ is an album about loneliness, otherness and how these things reflect with the universe. These songs are personal pictures of life outside the social norms. The core of the album builds upon Stina’s distinctive voice and an old summerhouse piano which rings in dark tones. Sounds run through amplifiers and tape recorders give the album a warm, timeless atmosphere.

Beside playing the piano Koistinen has composed, written the lyrics and produced the album. Other producer was Joonas Saikkonen, who also recorded and mixed the album. Saxophonist Linda Fredriksson makes a powerful appearance on the track ‘Kohtaaminen’.

STINAKO’s debut album ‘Ikuisuus’ was released
1st of November 2019 by Soliti.


 Stina Koistinen 2019 Photos © Heli Blåfield